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Harriet’s Homemade Meals cooks and then delivers good value homemade meals to people across Wolverhampton and nearby. Wendy Roberts founded the company, in Wolverhampton, at the start of 2012. This is her story…

After working in the public sector as an administrator for 28 years, at the end of 2011 it finally became time to review what I would like to do in the future. When I was given the opportunity to take redundancy it was a gift that I could not refuse, as it enabled me to put into action a plan that I had been considering for some time: creating and delivering good value homemade meals.

Wendy and Harriet

Pictured: Wendy and granddaughter Harriet

How it all began

If you, like myself, are caring for an elderly parent or relative, you will know how important it is for them to remain independent in their own home. For the past 18 months I have been providing home cooked meals for my mother on a weekly basis. I freshly prepare the meals, then put them straight into her freezer, so that she can choose what she wants and heat them in the microwave quickly and conveniently.

It occurred to me that having a supply of suitable pre-prepared meals would save me time. So I looked around at existing meal delivery services, and tried their wares. I did my research, and spoke to friends, colleagues and local residents. It soon became clear that the meals available are high in fat, salt and additives.

Wendy Roberts

Pictured: Wendy Roberts

The “ready meals” that Mom and I sampled were not pleasant. After trying to eat one pre-prepared meal that featured tinned carrots, tinned peas, a cheap piece of fish with a small amount of parsley sauce and watery mashed potato, my mother decided that she would not repeat this experience again. She would carry on eating the meals I cooked.

An idea is born

This gave me the idea for my business. There’s a gap in the market for good value, good quality meals that are home-cooked to order and delivered with a friendly smile.

So I decided to start cooking and freezing meals for other people, to help them maintain their independence and quality of life in their own home.

Having got the idea, the first thing I needed was a company name. This is a lot harder than you would think, having written names down on post-it notes and looking at them for weeks, only to find that they did not seem right. However, after babysitting for my daughter one Thursday afternoon, I decided to name my company after Harriet, my three year old granddaughter who loves helping me to make cakes for our little tea parties… Harriet’s Homemade Meals was born!

Meal by Harriet's Homemade Meals

Pictured: A meal by Harriet’s Homemade Meals

A local service of good home cooked meals

I have been cooking for the past 36 years, for my husband, two children, grandparents and friends. I am happy to provide a local service of good home cooked meals at a reasonable price.

From experience I know that not everyone is able to eat large meals and therefore, I am happy to supply a smaller meal if needed at a reduced price. I am also happy to discuss any special dietary requirements needed.

The advantage of cooking to order is that you can rely on the food being fresh, full of taste and not mass produced. At Harriet’s Homemade Meals we take pride in offering a personal service to our local community that cannot be beaten.

Wendy Roberts,

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