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Ten of our favourite meal delivery services in 2023…

Mindful Chef

A service that prides itself on health-conscious offerings, Mindful Chef provides a range of gluten-free recipes with fresh ingredients sourced responsibly. Their proposition extends beyond just meals; for every meal purchased, one is donated to a child in poverty, making it a choice for the socially conscious consumer.


Gousto offers a rich variety of over 75 recipes weekly, catering to both vegetarian and vegan preferences. Their no-lock-in policy allows for a flexible subscription model, making it an attractive option for those who dislike long-term commitments.


Known for simplifying meal planning with a user-friendly app, HelloFresh provides a plethora of recipes to choose from. They emphasize flexibility in managing deliveries and subscriptions right from your mobile device, making meal planning a breeze.


Tastily lives up to its name by offering a diverse menu filled with full-flavoured comfort foods and healthy meals. Their chef-made meals promise a taste of the Mediterranean and other global cuisines delivered fresh to your doorstep.

Lions Prep

Offering a balance between variety and health, Lions Prep provides a range of meals catering to different dietary goals. Whether you are looking for plant-based meals or a high-protein diet, Lions Prep has options to suit your needs.


For the plant-based diet enthusiasts, Allplants offers a variety of vegan meals that don’t compromise on taste. Their menu is crafted to provide plant-based variety, ensuring a fulfilling and nutritious meal experience.

Fresh Fitness Food

Tailoring to the fitness aficionados, Fresh Fitness Food provides meals designed to align with your fitness goals. Their tailored fitness menus are priced competitively, making it a viable option for those looking to maintain a healthy diet without breaking the bank.

Balance Box

Balance Box stands out for its balanced meal offerings aiming to provide a harmonious diet. Their service is particularly noted for its healthy meal delivery, making it a popular choice for those seeking a nutritious yet convenient meal solution.

The Good Prep

Providing a balance between health and taste, The Good Prep offers a variety of meals catering to a health-conscious audience. Their popularity shines particularly for those looking to reset their eating habits with balanced meal choices.


Supporting small businesses, &Dine takes a unique approach by offering a platform for local eateries to reach a wider audience. Their service is not only a win for small business owners but also for consumers looking to explore a variety of local flavours.

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